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Monday, 18 June 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 33 - Olivia growing up

Rushing this challenge to complete it before the release of Seasons. Trying to focus on the essentials, only, but you know I always liked details in my stories, lol, taking pictures of every little event :)

Starting of with the Clump family tree, because they are currently 11 sims spread on 4 households and 2 worlds. Might be a tad hard to keep track on.

Sylvia (green) and Abraham, had 4 kids, all married and currently with kids. This challenge follows Donna Clump, only because she was born with the right looks, black hair and green eyes. That's required to take this challenge along.
  Donna Clump married Gerald, they had two kids, August and Olivia, only the latter has black hair and green eyes. This family resides in Rivercrest (southern hood of my Newcrest)
  Rudolph Clump resides in San Myshuno's Spice Market with wife and two teen daughters, Cybil and Carolina.
  Sammy Clump resides in San Myshuno's Spice Market (actually same building as twin brother Rudolph), with wife and one teen daughter, Sabrina.
  Fiona C. Meshram became the black sheep of the family, she cut off all contact with her siblings, and they think her hubby forced her. She is in bad company. Resides San Myshuno's Art Quarter, with hubby and kids Nadia (teen) and Alexander (taken away).

All these four families are rather poor, but Donna's family has their own pretty huge house, and thanks to this challenge they are forced to save up lots of money, they need house worth of §100.000 when Donna dies! Luckily, painting brings in good money, and they currently have §60.000 in cash. So, not so poor after all.

Donna's hubby, Gerald, returned from the alien abduction. I'm not sure what happened to him, but let's say he totally changed. He no longer worked on his Politician career, the dream of joining the regional council was totally gone.

Instead he focused on upgrading and fixing stuff, and the most fun part was when he and their cat Sasha played with the wastes.

At other times he could be found near the little pool, playing with children's stuff, or the creative clay blub.

Olivia had realized that she was part of a challenge and therefore had to max out lots of skills - cooking, painting and singing! And one more that she could choose herself. How boring wasn't that for a teenage girl just wanting to be mischief with humans or play with Sasha? The only good thing about this all, was that Olivia would have this house!

- Uhm, Olivia, is it true that you will be their main heir?
- Yes, bro!
- How come, I'm the oldest! I even plan to do well in my life!
- Look into my eyes, Olivia said and laughed. - What color are they?

Donna told Olivia that she better get started early working those skills.

Besides, it was beneficial that Olivia learned to paint her parents portrait for the garden pavilion.

And it was just in time!

One night Grim Reaper came to get whatever was left of Gerald. Donna was suddenly a widow with two kids.

August grew up to a young adult, and he was now taking on more responsibility.

- Mom, I'll help around just like dad did!
- Oh, but he didn't do much around here.
- But what can I do to help?
- Take care of all cleaning and repairing, son. That would make our everyday so much easier.

Donna knew that they could hire a maid and repair sims, but she also knew they had to save up §40.000 more pretty quickly.

A few days later she was pleased to observe Olivia tending late Sylvia's garden! Donna's mother loved working on her garden, although everyone knew that the gardening skill would not help them much. With the new farm rights system, they could only grow 10 plants, making their income from the garden limited.

Talking about skills, these days were very busy! Donna realized she had chosen the wrong strategy, waiting to focus on her own skills. Instead she had focused on getting Olivia started. Now, only a few simdays before Olivia's birthday, Donna had only reached 70-80% of each required skill.

So, she looked for ways to get inspired, because she knew she would learn singing and painting quicker when inspired.

She also tried to get Olivia into singing. It was hard, because the girl was not very interested in it.

Still they had some fun at the largest karaoke bar of San Myshuno. It was time consuming travel all the way to the city though, how about buying some equipment at home?

They actually had a spare room upstairs, and with a small karaoke machine and a regular microphone, Donna was prepared to spend every inspired minute on singing!

August had shown some interest in singing, too, in fact he had joined the Entertainer career, whatever was his plan with that?

He dated a nice and colorful city woman, Myra Gypta, and they were soon going steady.

- Mom and Olivia, I want my girlfriend Myra to move in here.
- Is that a good idea, Donna asked. - Your sister will need this house for her new family. It's only a matter of simdays!
- Mom, I work in the entertainer career, I am ready to start my family, and I'm the oldest. Should I not be allowed this house?
- You can stay while you are single, but probably not for long.

Olivia still lied about her painting classes. Well, she did practice painting at home, but she never joind classes. While Donna believes her daughter gets educated, Olivia hung out with her cousins and friends Sabrina and Cybil.

- Mom just died, it's so strange back home these days!, Sabrina (centered) said.
- Dad died, too, Olivia said.
- That's how life works, Cybil chimed in. - We get born, we live and then we die. I think it's a huge misunderstanding. We're simply a waste!

Olivia decided to look for a boyfriend. She would grow up shortly, she didn't want to wait. She visited Spice Market, tasted some horrible food.

Then looked around. She understood that guys with black hair and green eyes would make a good match, but she would be happy if only one of those matched... She quickly learned that black haired guys normally had brown eyes!

First she admired the violin play by a black haired guy named Genji Yamamoto. They talked a little, and went along quite well, but something felt forced about it all.

Then she talked to Luca Bouchard, he was a bit older than Olivia and still worked as a food vendor. And he seemed rather dominant, turning down Olivia's suggestion - whatever that was.

Finally she visited the festival for romantics at the Fashion District. She talked to a man who at first seemed a little weird, but they soon found the tone, and if it wasn't for Olivia being extremely tired, they could probably have talked all through the night. Oh, that curfew!

Few weeks later it was Olivia's young adult birthday! Just a few guests were invited, including cousins Cybil and Sabrina, uncle Sammy, and the weird elderly Dorothy Flemming, who used to be a friend of the family for generations.

Donna's other brother Rudolph could not be invited. This is one thing I dislike with this The Sims 4, the relations randomness. Suddenly your sim has got strong relations with someone you never really paid attention to, while other relations you worked very hard on, might randomly disappear. Now Donna can no longer even phone her own brother, the game probably decided it was a good idea tossing n a surprise like that. Not very realistic, and not fun at all! I hate how relations are handled in this game - end of rant!

- I really miss Sylvia, Dorothy Flemming said with her mouth filled with cake.
- Today we are celebrating Olivia, Donna explained, not really sure whether Dorothy was too old to relate to reality.
- Hooray!, Cybil and Sabrina cheered.

After the cake Donna showed them her new unit of the garden! She knew all along that it would need to be related to her singing interest, but she did not want to make it too formal or restricted. So, she built a small stage with a microphone and park benches.

Donna hoped all future descendants of this house will enjoy her unit in some way. Benches can be reorganized after her death, and all on stage content can be replaced as long as the purpose is entertainment.
- Bravo, cheered August, doing a final attempt to get ownership to this house.

Afterwards Donna sat down with August and her brother Sammy.
- Sammy, August is in need of his own flat. Dop you know of ant available apartment in the city?
- In fact, I do!
- Really?, August asked.
- Yes, you can crash on my sofa anytime you like. I's not a permanent offer, but once staying in the city it will be easier for you to keep track on the apartment market.

Donna giggled. She had talked with Sammy in advance.

More in just a couple days!!! Two more reposts to go!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 32 - Skills and Duties

Hey - guess what! Because of Seasons coming soon, I decided to complete this challenge before the new features are added! I wouldn't mind seeing some rain or snow in the Clump family's everyday, but you know, with calendar and other new stuff there might be adjustments to how things work, and I don't feel like reinventing anything regarding this challenge.

So, 4 more reports are planned, meaning each update will cover about 7-9 simdays/years.

The challenge founder, Sylvia Clump, recently died from old age, and current challenge keeper, Donna Clump, is facing lots of trouble. She is only half way maxing ut her three required skills; cooking (from mom Sylvia), painting (from dad Abraham) and singing (Donna's personal skill). Donna's daughter Olivia will soon grow up and Donna must be all set by then!

- Oh my, why by Similius was I boern into this silly challenge?

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Sims 4 Seasons is coming!

Maybe you already know, but returning from my vacation finding these news made my day!

The Sims 4 Seasons is coming to PC and Mac on June 22! Hey, that's only a couple weeks!

I loved the seasons for all my sms games because the season and weather adds so much to most activities. Your sim's outfit when going somewhere. Romancing in Spring vs Autumn? Choosing indoor or outdoor arena for your party might be essential - who wants an outdoor wedding during a snow storm? So, will more sims get married during Summer? Kids growing up in Winter will build skills differently from their siblings growing up in Summer. Will cats be less likely to go prowling on a snowy day? And so on...

There's not only weather, but also new activities. How about ice skating, roller skating, bee hives and snowball fights? Seasonal decorations, weather controller, interactive scarecrow, satisfaction points and you ca even design your own holiday! Your sim can now join the Gardening Career to become a Botanist or Floral Arranger!

Seasons are said to affect all worlds in various ways. It would be nice if visiting Granite Falls gave different experiences depending on season, and maybe the San Myshuno outdoor markets will get surprised by heavy rain? Willow Creek sunset might look different in Autumn?

This is the expansion pack that I've been longing for the most. I can't wait to find out more!

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 31 - Goodbye Sylvia

Donna was still upset about meeting her sister few nights ago. Fiona never showed up to the Sunday family dinner. She looked tired and not very healthy, and she obviously had no desire to let others in on her, not even her closest family. Donna was convinced, something was wrong!

Thankfully, there were positive matters to keep her mind busy. Like her son, August, wanting to practice music!

Donna invited August to sing karaoke with her at San Myshuno's Spice Market.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 30 - Dorothy's secret

So, they were back from their quick vacation, let's take a closer look at Olivia! After all, she is the third and last main sim in this challenge. This challenge will be successful if Olivia's futur main heir maxes out all five required skills while Donna is still alive. Will it be possible? (Challenge rules here)

Olivia became a teen, and her traits are now Self-assured Loner and Chief Mischief. That might be some interesting personality!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 29 - Looking for Fiona

Life goes on, and this series might be speeding up a little as I did not plan to follow this challenge for the rest of my life...

Donna, wearing red top, is only the 2nd generation, while Olivia, all to the right, is Donna's daughter and heir to the challenge. Donna's mom, Sylvia, wearing a yellow tee, is a widow since many years.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 28 - Shooting the Criminal

Life goes on in Rivercrest, a hood within the larger Newscrest district. Just south of the golf court, is the Clump residence. Below you can see the redish roof in the distance.

It's such a lush neighborhood, perhaps that is what inspired legacy founder Sylvia Clump to become a dedicated hobby gardener?

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Five Units Challenge - Report 27 - Family Photos Again

Yes! Donna finally redecorated her kitchen! Red happened to be her favourite color.

She upgraded the counters. Added a few shelves for spices and herbal mixtures to clear the counters.