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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Detesters revival

Long time followers might recall my TS3 story about the "lovely" Pauline and her hubby Hector. They worked as testsims, had twin daughters and moved to town of Galucca. This series is not closed, but something beyond my control happened, forcing it all to be paused.

Pauline and Hector Detester are back!

All pictures were hosted by Photobucket, and I should have known - at one point all those free services to lock your content, and the only way you can regain access is to upgrade your account which normally means paying a never ending fee. I refused to pay them, so all my stories using pictures from them were ruined. When pictures can no longer be watched, a photo driven story becomes rather wasted, right?

This took place couple years ago, and I've finally started the work updating the Detesters story. I still kept all pictures safe, it just takes some time to fix it all. At the moment the first ten chapters were revived, and the rest will be fixed within October.

Also Seagull Cottage and Town of Galucca were affected by this (perhaps a few more, too), and will get its revival over the coming months.

You'll find the first Detesters chapter right here!

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #15 - Skills

So, this challenge already reached report #15 and Donna is still a teenager? Well, not for much longer! She will grow up during next report, and her dad Abraham becomes old and grey in this report - stay tuned!

This challenge is mostly based on skills - not just random skills, but those based on someone's personality and interests. Donna is forced to max out her dad's Painting skill, and her mom's Cooking skill. In addition she can pick one personal skill, which she will not decide quite yet. Will it be singing? Will her unit of the garden simply contain a karaoke machine?

Donna's main heir will then need to max out all those 3 skills + one personal, and finally the last main sim will need to max out a total of 5 skills... while Donna is still in the house! I'm not even sure that will be possible...

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Coming up: The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs

Pets are coming to the Sims 4 universe! Release date November 10th is only 5 weeks ahead!

This time the pets expansion focuses on cats and dogs, only, but there will also be raccoons and foxes. For the first time you can dress up your cat or dog, and in addition your sim can become a vet and run a Clinic.

Sounds good to me! Click here to head over to thesims.com for Cats and Dogs news and video and the latest screenshot releases!

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #14 - Sylvia's Unit

It's weekend, and Sammy probably thought that he could make as much noise as he wanted. But seriously - playing the guitar while your siblings are eating breakfast?

Sammy is not very good at playing, some practice will do him good.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #13 - Grown Ups

Guess what - twins grew up to young adults! I forgot to throw a party, it just happened. So, with Rudolph and Sammy ready to start their grown up lives, things might get a little bit more relaxed...

Rudolph seems unhappy, while Sammy is more optimistic. Rudolph's full set of traits is Cheerful, Geek and Jealous, and in addition he is Responsible and Good manners. He got himself a tech job.

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #12 - Catching Up

After a break, I'm back with my Five Units Challenge and the Clump family. It's been 4 weeks without playing, and that's all what it takes to forget most anything. I like this family, but I needed some time to get under their skin again, and to catch up with my rules. So, a quick resume might be in place...

This challenge focuses on DNA and skills. The challenge can only be forwarded to a child who has black hair and green eyes, and the main sim must max out all skills previously being focused on in this challenge, as well as one more skill added - based on that main sim's interests, hopefully. At any given time there is one main sim who is restricted to rules, while the rest of the household can live their lives pretty much as desired.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #11 - Donna's Birthday

Knowing these reports are dragging out - you might think how can I possibly keep going for 3 generations (challenge rules), when gen 1 sim is still a child on report 11? Well, good thing is that I will be more familiar with the various Parenting GP routines come next generation. But even better news - Donna will very soon become a teen!

Like seeing for the first time that a child can set a table by free will, is quite cool!

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #10 - Into the Wild

With Parenthood GP installed, I'm testing this all through a challenge ongoing for 3 generations. So far the founders raised 4 children, 2 of them are already teens. I like Parenthood GP very much, and it's fun to see that also other installments from community lots to activities get a new flavor. Today they will test yet another feature!

Gathering a family for a group meal is very easy, and they normally sit long enough for some chatting, too.