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News December 2017: The humorous story of my test sims Pauline and Hector Detester has been revived, all pictures are back!

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Detesters Revival - Completed!

Finally, TS3 testsims Pauline and Hector Detester's humorous story is now complete with all pictures revived! They were gone thanks to photo server service no longer accepting 3rd party posting. So, I uploaded all photos to this blog instead, crossing fingers for not getting a "sorry, server full" note.

My test sims Pauline and Hector Detester's story is now fully accessible!

I must admit that I enjoyed rereading the Detester story. This couple is probably among my better characters for a story, if you missed them in the past, I hope you will give them a chance and read from their first chapter. There is a developing story, but I think reading just random chapters might be fun, too :)

On a side note, while fixing the blog posts photos, I found that two chapters were never published! Meaning that even if you already read this blog story, there will be new stuff for you! Those two chapters will be posted during December, I'll post a notice when it's done.

Also note that I added chapter numbers and seasons to the posts. All chapters are linked from the Detesters story's main page.

Also Seagull Cottage and Town of Galucca were affected by the picture drop out, and will get their own revival during this Winter.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Teeth genetics

Oh, those teeth! I'd like bad teeth to be inherited, at least to one of the sim's kids. And I don't want random ugly teeth on all my in game born kids, but rare occasions would be good.

But I'm not even sure that the TS4 game deals with teeth genetics at all. There was only one way to find out, creating a couple in CAS and then play with genetics.

I gave both dad and mom (top row) special teeth, then they had 6 kids - 3 daughters and 3 sons. If teeth genetics exist, at least one of those 6 kids ought to get abnormal teeth, right?

But no, all 6 of them got perfect teeth, and I'm a tad disappointed. I guess the only way to give my families teeth genetics would be adding this feature to my manual genetics string. I'm not sure whether I want to do that, because the string already holds so much information. Besides, if EA adds just 1 more teeth version, a manual system would need to be tweaked. I might find another way instead.

A simple way could be that oldest son inherites mom's teeth, while oldest daughter inherits dad's teeth. In addition the remaining kids could have a tiny chance to get random teeth, decided with the help of a dice.

Do you add ugly teeth to your sims/kids?

Friday, 3 November 2017

Cats and Dogs - Brindleton Bay Screenshots

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs EP is just around the corner - to be released on November 10th, and yesterday there was a stream session showing off the new world, Brindleton Bay. I captured a few screenies to share with you in case you want to refresh all those views!

Brindleton Bay comes with the countryside feel, but also includes the feel of a smalltown and the open ocean. Here's the world screen as you enter.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Detesters revival

Long time followers might recall my TS3 story about the "lovely" Pauline and her hubby Hector. They worked as testsims, had twin daughters and moved to town of Galucca. This series is not closed, but something beyond my control happened, forcing it all to be paused.

Pauline and Hector Detester are back!

All pictures were hosted by Photobucket, and I should have known - at one point all those free services will lock your content, and the only way you can regain access is to upgrade your account which normally means paying a never ending annual fee. I refused to pay them, so all my stories using pictures from them were ruined. When pictures can no longer be watched, a photo driven story becomes rather wasted, right?

This took place couple years ago, and I've finally started the work updating the Detesters story. I still kept all pictures safe, it just takes some time to fix it all. At the moment the first ten chapters were revived, and the rest will be fixed during November.

Also Seagull Cottage and Town of Galucca were affected by this (perhaps a few more, too), and will get its revival over the coming months.

You'll find the first Detesters chapter right here!

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #15 - Skills

So, this challenge already reached report #15 and Donna is still a teenager? Well, not for much longer! She will grow up during next report, and her dad Abraham becomes old and grey in this report - stay tuned!

This challenge is mostly based on skills - not just random skills, but those based on someone's personality and interests. Donna is forced to max out her dad's Painting skill, and her mom's Cooking skill. In addition she can pick one personal skill, which she will not decide quite yet. Will it be singing? Will her unit of the garden simply contain a karaoke machine?

Donna's main heir will then need to max out all those 3 skills + one personal, and finally the last main sim will need to max out a total of 5 skills... while Donna is still in the house! I'm not even sure that will be possible...

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Coming up: The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs

Pets are coming to the Sims 4 universe! Release date November 10th is only 5 weeks ahead!

This time the pets expansion focuses on cats and dogs, only, but there will also be raccoons and foxes. For the first time you can dress up your cat or dog, and in addition your sim can become a vet and run a Clinic.

Sounds good to me! Click here to head over to thesims.com for Cats and Dogs news and video and the latest screenshot releases!

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #14 - Sylvia's Unit

It's weekend, and Sammy probably thought that he could make as much noise as he wanted. But seriously - playing the guitar while your siblings are eating breakfast?

Sammy is not very good at playing, some practice will do him good.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Five Units Challenge - Report #13 - Grown Ups

Guess what - twins grew up to young adults! I forgot to throw a party, it just happened. So, with Rudolph and Sammy ready to start their grown up lives, things might get a little bit more relaxed...

Rudolph seems unhappy, while Sammy is more optimistic. Rudolph's full set of traits is Cheerful, Geek and Jealous, and in addition he is Responsible and Good manners. He got himself a tech job.